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The 5-Step System To Create A Signature Program That Sells, In Less Than 60 Days Without Getting Bogged Down By The Tech
… Even if you are just getting started, have little or no client experience and don’t have a dedicated niche yet. 
Presented by:
Lori Kennedy
Founder of The Wellness Business Academy. 
Sat, Oct. 20, 2018 at 9:30 am EST
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Here’s what you’ll get in the LIVE webinar training:
  •  Why having an AUTOMATED signature program is crucial for ALL health coaches, practitioners and fit pro’s and not just for those ‘experts’ with big emails lists and social media followings. 
  •  The # 1 secret to creating a signature program that sells (without the dreaded money objection).
  •  The 5-step system to create your signature program in less than 60 days so that you don’t overwhelm your clients, get bogged down by the tech and waste 6 months trying to get it all done. 
  •  How to position your signature program so you can set yourself apart from the competition and make consistent money month after month without constantly spinning your wheels. 
  •  BONUS GIFT: Attend the LIVE webinar to get Lori's Naming & Pricing Perfection Workshop so you can instantly attract your ideal clients without having to explain what your program is all about and feel confident charging the right price for you program.
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About Lori Kennedy
The Founder of The Wellness Business Academy 
Lori Kennedy is a mom, nutritionist, and online business coach. She helps health coaches, practitioners and fit pro's take their health practices online so they can serve more clients, have a massive impact and feel deeply fulfilled. 

Lori is the founder of The Wellness Business Academy, her all-inclusive online coaching program that's helped over 1200 health coaches and practitioners create their signature programs. 

Her Take Your Health Practice Online Facebook Group is widely regarded as one of the most interactive and supportive groups for health coaches and practitioners looking to start up and expand their practice online. 
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